Roni is a leading director in projects combining live action and animation, creating a natural interaction between actors and animated characters. Roni has the ability to tell a story in a sensitive and intelligent way and spice up his films with humour and comedy. His love for enriched animation commercial is always accompanied by his skilful ability to create an emotional experience for the viewers. He has a unique talent in building visually rich worlds, telling stories, and creating comedic and emotional nuances.

Roni has earned a reputation for his powerful mixtures of techniques, which has seen him a 2009 siggraph nomination for "people in Red". In 2011, using his own set of tools and his fascinating point of view, he approached another ad, a powerful and disturbing ad - "GlassBoy" a road safety TV spot.

Roni continues to expand his work into new exciting diverse directions, with his inspiring artistic eye and the great technical knowledge to bring his ideas to life.

His work throughout the years includes brands such as Pepsi ,7up, Coke Cola, Sprite,Unilever, Muller, Nestlé, Strauss Group, Toshiba, Hyundai, Orange and many more.

E-mail: roni.kleiner@gmail.com


skype: roni_kleiner